WHO issues global alert on rising cholera incidence

The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a warning of a marked increase in cholera outbreaks in various geographic areas, considering it a high global risk. Concern is supported by reports showing the presence of the disease in 25 countries this year, as well as a lack of resources and vaccines to effectively control the disease.

The WHO emphasizes that cases of cholera are resurfacing even in countries that did not report the disease in previous years. Africa remains the region particularly affected, with 14 countries reporting cases of cholera since the beginning of the year. The organization regrets the lack of global capacity to respond to multiple simultaneous outbreaks and the lack of an oral vaccine against this disease.

The burden on medical staff is increasing as they have to deal with multiple outbreaks and other health emergencies at the same time. The most recent outbreaks have been particularly deadly, with death rates the highest in more than a decade.

The WHO emphasizes that immediate access to treatment is critical to saving lives, as the disease can be fatal within hours if not properly attended. The statement also highlights that cholera cases were reported in 30 countries last year.

The organization highlights the triggers for these outbreaks, including poverty and conflict, to which are added the effects of climate change such as floods, cyclones and droughts. These extreme events reduce access to drinking water and create conditions conducive to the spread of infection.

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