Who makes more money on OnlyFans? The income of Mia Khalifa, Bella Thorne or Cardi B, among others

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OnlyFans moves a lot of money. Millions of dollars shared between a growing number of different content creators and creators, such as porn performers, celebritiesartists, religious stars and other profiles.

All of them are found on this content platform —mainly for adults, but also music, cooking classes, tips…— with a subscription service model in which they earn economic revenue for their images, videos, broadcasts and messages private to a total of several billion between the different accounts.

The more than 170 million registered users of OnlyFans make a payment to unlock the audiovisual material, either through a monthly subscription fee, specific tips or the function of pay per view (PPV, pay per view).

How much does an OnlyFans creator earn who is among the top 0.01% earners?

Thus, in the select group of OnlyFans content creators earning the most moneyadd up income starting at $100,000 (about 95,000 euros, at the current exchange rate) per month, reports Earth Webof which 20% remain the platform.

Although the average is 150 dollars (just over 140 euros) per month, in some cases they end up earning a million… or more.

Creators of content in OnlyFans who earn the most

According to the media, among the statistics for 2023 is that onlyfansfounded in 2016, has paid more than 2,000 million dollars (about 1,900 million euros) to the creators of content.

Seven out of 10 offer discount packages to attract new subscribers, who pay an average fee of $7.20 (6.80 euros).

These are the people who earn or have earned the most money on OnlyFansby estimated monthly income, according to data from Earth Web (extracted from sources Briefly, tuko, Variety, The-Sun, The Small Business Blog):

1.Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna.

pop culture icon, ex-stripperreality star and entrepreneur with 16.5 million followers on Instagram, Blac Chyna (real name Angela Renée White) has earned the most money in 2023, with about monthly income of 20 million dollars (19 million euros). I had a monthly subscription of 20 dollars (19 euros).

However, recently has announced that he was deleting his OnlyFans account and leaving the platform. The reasons: having older children at home with her and no longer seeing a meaning or purpose to it in her current life situation.

“I’m changing everything about me. All that is a dead end and I know I’m worth much more than that. (…) Shout out to the people who still have their OnlyFans (account) and things like that. Make your money, don’t let money make you,” he declared in The Jason Lee Show.

2.Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne —American singer, model, actress and writer— is the second highest-earning content creator on OnlyFans, according to the monthly income collected by the cited sources: 11 million dollars (10.4 million euros).

He registered on the platform in 2019 and in just 24 hours he set the record for generating one million dollars (950,000 euros) in that time. He had a fee of 10 dollars (9.5 euros), but now the subscription is free in his account, with 1,368 publications.

Share music videos for the first time, along with other images and content that do not include nudity, aim Earth Web.

3.Cardi B

The rapper Cardi B completes the podium of the people with the highest income in OnlyFans: has won 9.43 million dollars (8.9 million euros) a month.

He opened his account in August 2020, when he announced it in a post where he anticipated that he would upload day-to-day content, rumors and other publications that did not involve showing his body. “It will be a place just for me and my fans,” said the artist, who has 155 million followers on Instagram.


The American rapper Tyga (Micheal Ray Nguyen-Stevenson) has ranked as the fourth person with the highest monthly income on OnlyFans and the first man in this section: he has earned 7.69 million dollars (7.28 million euros) monthly.

However, in 2021 he deleted his OnlyFans account and launched the competing platform Myystar.

5.Mia Khalifa

In 2021, OnlyFans backtracked on its idea to ban explicit sex; since then, his profits have skyrocketed. Thus, it is not surprising that a good part of its content is classified as for adults on the platform, where the former porn film actress Mia Khalifa has ended up.

Mia Khalifa has uploaded more than 600 publications to her OnlyFans account, which has a subscription fee of 12 dollars (11.4 euros) per month and with which she has generated about revenue of $6.42 million (just over 6 million euros).

6.Bhad Barbie

Outside the top 5 OnlyFans creators with the most money generated is Bhad Barbie (Danielle Marie Bregoli), who became famous after a viral video and after appearing in an episode of the American television show Dr. Phil.

With about 670 posts on her OnlyFans account today (subscription costs $12), in its first year it has entered 52 million dollars (49 million euros), equivalent to about 4.33 million dollars (4.10 million euros) per month.

7. Erica Mena

Erica Jasmin Mena is an actress and American television celebrity who generates some monthly earnings of about 4.49 million dollars (4.25 million euros).

It has come to charge a monthly subscription of 26 dollars (24.6 euros), according to Earth Web, but currently the subscription is free. He has more than 6 million followers on Instagram.


Gemma McCourt is a much less popular model than the celebrities mentioned above and has 24,000 followers on Instagram.

However, under the pseudonym Gem101, she has a free account and another with a subscription (it usually has a fee of 30 dollars, although it offers temporary discounts) on OnlyFans and is positioned as one of the content creators on this platform with the highest monthly income. : estimated in $2.3 million (2.2 million euros) per month.

9.Safaree Samuels

Safaree Lloyd Samuels is a Jamaican-American rapper who began his musical career in the Hoodstars group with Nicki Minaj. He has been in a relationship with the rapper and has been married to Erica Mena: both are among the top-earning content creators on OnlyFans.

safaree samuels enters more than 1.90 million dollars (1.80 million euros) per month with his OnlyFans account, a free subscription and in which he has more than 200 publications. He has 3.5 million followers on Instagram.

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