Who Should Get the Flu and Covid Vaccine This Fall?

Elderly man receiving a dose of covid vaccineEFE

The Public Health Commission, given the surge in the incidence of covid and taking into account the epidemiological situation, with the return of masks to some hospitals, recommends vaccination before corona virus And flu people aged 60 years and older, all people 5 years of age and older living in a hostel or disability center, and the population with other pathologies at risk.

one of next fall This will be the second campaign to use the two guidelines and the first to make available a formula developed by Hipra, manufactured in Spain and approved at a dose on March 30th.

Diseases for which vaccination is recommended

According to a document prepared by the Ministry of Health, the ministry considers diabetes, Cushing’s syndrome, morbid obesity, chronic cardiovascular, neurological or respiratory diseases, including bronchopulmonary dysplasia, cystic fibrosis and asthma, kidney disease, thrombosis, alcoholism, immunosuppression as risk factors. , cancer or celiac disease.

In addition, it includes chronic inflammatory diseases, disorders and diseases accompanied by cognitive dysfunction (such as Down’s syndrome or dementia) and pregnant women in any trimester of pregnancy or within six months of giving birth.

From the Public Health Commission, they are also in favor of vaccinating people. roommates with severe cases immunosuppression (for example, those who have had a transplant or HIV) or in people older than 60 years of age or who are at higher risk of complications if they become infected.

However, health does not advise “Vaccination of children and adults not included in the the target audience“, that is, healthy children under 60 who already have a full vaccination schedule. For them, given the immunity already acquired in the population, a new dose “will not be justified.”

Finally, they emphasize that adherence to the vaccination regimen must be controlled for him medical staff and any visit to health centers can be used to evaluate the procedure to be followed.

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