Who was Marcelo, the passenger who died on the Flybondi flight

The man was recognized Marcelo Fabian Rodriguez, former police officer from the province of Córdoba and physical education teacher. I was 49 years old and he was well known in the city of Villa Carlos Paz. So much so that the gym he frequented regretted the news on social media. “So happy enjoying life to the fullest… Dear Marse, brave and a fighter. We will always remember you with a smile. Fly high friend,” they expressed in another post.

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Witnesses determined that the passenger died as a result of cardiac and respiratory arrest. then it was found with my 17 year old daughter.

The man became ill during the flight, and when the pilot of the aircraft began to decompensate, he decided to change the course of the flight and land in this city, where he died.

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This is flight Flybondi budget line FO5445which took off at 11:55 from the Andean city, had an emergency shortly after reaching cruising altitude, and then landed at Neuquen Airport.

“The airport medical staff performed CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) for half an hour, but, unfortunately, the man could not stand it and died,” the passenger said. L M N.

The crew and other passengers, evacuated during the execution of the corresponding procedure at the Neuquen airfield with the intervention of the scientific police, experienced shock and horror.

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