who was the first love of the canadian artist?

Justin Bieber: who was the first love of the Canadian artist?

The interpreter of ‘Ghost’ lived an intense romance when he was 14 years old

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Who was Justin Bieber’s first love?

When Justin Bieber was on the rise to stardom, started a relationship with Selena Gomezwho at that time was beginning to stand out as one of the youthful actresses most popular thanks to their participation in several projects of Disney.

After six years of dating, the couple separated permanently in 2018 And just a few months later, the Canadian shocked the public by announcing his Romance with Hailey Baldwin.

He singer and the model They walked down the aisle that same year and since then they have remained united, supporting each other unconditionally in the most difficult moments.

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Justin and Hailey Bieber got married in 2018

Although a sector of the public believes that the protagonist of ‘Only Murders in the Building‘ was the first love of the interpreter of ‘Ghost‘, the reality is that before meeting her, he had an intense love affair with a young woman from Canada.

Who was Justin Bieber’s first love?

Justin Bieber met Caitlin beadlesan acquaintance content creator and influencerswhen they were both 14 years old.

At that time the artist He was taking his first steps in the music industry and that was how their love story was written, since it was in Atlanta where they started dating city to which he had moved to work in some songs.

For about a year, Justin and Caitlin they lived a courtship that did not prosper since both were very young, however, they became great friends.

After 15 yearsthey still maintain an excellent relationship and even, the brother of Caitlin beadles It’s one of the best friends of Justin Bieber.

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Caitlin Beadles and Justin Bieber are friends today

Also, she is very close to hailey bieber and it was one of the invited to your weddingwhich took place in a luxurious hotel in South Carolina.

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