Why didn’t she get Taylor Swift’s treatment?

The possible separation of singer Joe Jonas and his wife Sophie Turner became one of the most discussed issues days in celebrity territory. Although the artist’s messages on this subject attracted the most attention, a parallel discussion arose around the interpretation romantic life of male celebrities compared to women. Despite the fact that Joe Jonas has many more ex-partners throughout history than Taylor Swift, he was not demonized, as it happened with the singer. Allegations of sexism have resurfaced to explain these differences in public perception.

Although Taylor Swift was the most famous of the brides Joe Jonas (primarily because of the songs she dedicated to him after their violent breakup via text messages, such as Last Kiss or Mister Perfectly Alright), the first of the singer’s partners was childhood friend Mandy Van Dein. He was followed by AJ Michlka (former Disney star), Mandy Giroux (Miley Cyrus best friendat that time), Amelia Tan-Ei (model and girlfriend of his former partner), Chelsea Staub (co-star Jonas series), Camilla Belle (also a Disney star), Brenda Song (Disney again) Demi Lovato (yes, he apparently dated all the actresses in the company), Ashley Greene (Twilight), Natasha Ho (model), Blanda Eggenschwiller (longest relationship to date, two years), famous Gigi Hadid and finally Sophie Turner. It cost him money, but he finally got along with her; or at least enough to the last seven years together.

Taylor Swift has reflected on many times treatment is so different. what has become of your romantic life compared to the lives of your professional colleagues. She herself has repeatedly mentioned that the songs she writes about her exes very similar those published by other famous artists such as Ed Sheeran or Bruno Mars and what they they were never judged for it.

When it comes to frequent partner changes, you only need to look at the relationships that Joe Jonas has had over the years to figure it out. He has never been spoken about in a negative way. for changing girlfriends many times. While Taylor Swift’s answers to this question may have contributed to more conversations about her case in particular, the fact that she and Joe Jonas were asked about it doesn’t mean it exists. clear difference in treatment most likely related to gender. At least that’s what his fans think.

Of course, there were also they didn’t agree with this opinion: there are other female artists who have had many different partners and for this reason have not been criticized as much as Taylor Swift. Definitely, clarify why Taylor Swift has received so much harassment due to her romantic life from the networks and media. it’s pretty hard to get. But at least there is a discussion about the possible gender discrimination that we are witnessing. this is a big progress to get closer to equality.

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