why do they come out and how to remove them?

skin care This is one of the worries of men and women, because if an adequate daily routine is not maintained may begin to suffer the effects of timemalnutrition, exposure to the sun and others.

White spots on the skin, they can appear, for example, when dead cells remain below the surface of the skin or when the skin suffers from depigmentation or discoloration.

According to Medical News Today, there are some causes and symptoms that you can watch to discover that something is wrong in your body, and that for these reasons, you may have white spots in some area of ​​the body. This:

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– Sunspots: they show no symptoms and measure between one and three millimeters. They usually first appear on the legs. to then move on to the arms, back and face.

– Ringworm or pityriasis versicolor: The ringworm fungus usually lives on the surface of the skin and spreads uncontrollably. This causes dry, flaky and itchy patches to appear. in the surrounding areas. This disease is sometimes not detected, and can only be seen to progress when the person is exposed to the sun and tans, and also when the patient is in humid and warm places.

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– Vitiligo: In people with this skin condition, these white patches appear because the cells responsible for skin color have disappeared.

Researchers do not know the real cause of this autoimmune disease and the spots it causes develop on the parts of the body which are constantly exposed to the sun, and, as the case may be, they increase rapidly or slowly.

This disorder can be hereditary and sometimes occurs in people in their 20s.

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Treatment of white spots

For sunspotsthe medical portal mentions that ideally you should resort to these options:

– Use sunscreen every day, which covers all areas of the skin exposed to the sun.

– Don’t spend too much time in the sun.

– Avoid artificial tanning beds and dermabrasion, which removes the outer layers of the skin.

– Do not use topical steroid creams, like hydrocortisone.

– Avoid using topical retinoid creams.such as retinol and tretinoin.

from ringworm there are some medicated soaps or shampoos that the doctor will make up for you after exhaustive assessment, therefore, if you have any symptoms, see a doctor you trust.

On the other hand, for vitiligo, As with other skin conditions, you should consult your doctor so that he can provide you with the appropriate treatment for which he may prescribe

– Creams with corticosteroids in low doses.

– UV treatment in combination with local preparations.

– Skin whitening surrounding large white spots to homogenize them.

– Surgery to remove the upper parts of the affected skin, if medications and light therapy do not help.

Remember that for these and other manifestations that you exhibit, you should consult a doctor and not self-medicate.

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