Why do you have to clean sex toys in order to use them? Some recommendations

The use of sex toys is becoming more common, diverse and creative, but cleaning these gadgets remains an unsolved problem for many.

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A study in the British Medical Journal a few years ago showed that human papillomavirus (HPV) can survive for days on the surface of dildos if they are not properly cleaned after use.

The investigation found that the texture and material of the toy are factors that may influence the transmission of the virus. Those with a porous surface and bumps are more prone to contracting HPV. In addition, experts have found that the infection can remain stable at room temperature and even resist some home cleaning methods.

Many users tend to put off cleaning these devices or simply wipe them down with a cloth before putting them away, which can increase the chance of infection. Even if these are items for personal use, the risk exists and may be higher if the toy is shared.

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J. Amaya, an HPV expert, warned that if the user takes the toy from the intimate area to the mouth, HPV can become lodged in the throat and eventually cause malignant growths.

It is imperative that people use these sex toys safely. Esther Balak, a columnist for EL TIEMPO, advises washing them thoroughly with soap and water, paying special attention to corners and creases where the virus can hide. This way, the experience will be both pleasant and safe.

Monica Branny, a psychologist and sexologist, told Business Insider that “It’s important to always clean a toy before and after use to keep germs and bacteria from settling on the surface.” In addition, he recommended the use of unscented soap and hot water.

After completing this cleaning process, it is recommended to let it air dry or use a microfiber cloth to avoid residue. “Keeping a toy wet can encourage fungus and microbes to thrive on its surface, which maximizes the risk of genital infections,” the expert clarifies in a dialogue with the previously mentioned medium.

It is also important to pay special attention to the storage of these items and not store them in places where they come into contact with other things. Experts advise choosing cool, dry and dark places, and also urge you to store them in your own bag or packaging.

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