“Why does Chile hate Maroon 5?”: the existential question most searched by Americans on Google about Chile

The company CashNetUsacarried out a study to discover what are the questions that North Americans write the most in Google, about other countries.

The result? They found exact questions about 194 countries that Americans ask. And well, this is the question about our country: “Why does Chile hate Maroon 5?”

Apparently, the band’s compatriots don’t know much about the Viña del Mar Festival, or the Monster, or why Chile doesn’t forget.

It should be remembered that in the 2020 edition of the contest, the band led by Adam Levine was the Anglo number and they made a presentation that left much to be desired. In fact, to this day many continue to write Creole recipes on the vocalist’s Instagram just to annoy him.

As a matter of fact, in South America we are the only country with a celebrity question, since the doubts about our neighbors are about language, economy and politics: “Why does Brazil speak Portuguese?”, “Why does Paraguay export so much soy?” and “Why does Argentina hate the UK?”.

The consultations that the United States made about Latin American countries. Photo: CashNetUSA.
AME8870. VIÑA DEL MAR (CHILE), 02/27/2020.- Adam Levine sings this Thursday during the concert of the American group Maroon 5 at the Viña del Mar International Song Festival (Chile). EFE/Alberto Valdes

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