Why does Jude Bellingham play with torn socks?

Jude Bellingham made a great debut at Real Madrid. He showed the Athletic Bilbao fans why at 20 years old he was worth over 100 million euros and he is also part of this generational change in the midfield of the Merengue club.

Upon arrival in La Liga, he scored with a great left footed strike from David Alaba into the center, he played well and everything seemed normal until social media became curious about the situation.

The English footballer drew attention to himself because of the condition of his socks. Yes, part of the uniform designed to support and cover the lower leg. Well, Jude wears them broken.

Jude Bellingham

Athletic – Real Madrid – La Liga EA Sports / Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/GettyImages

Why tear stockings?

The design of said part of the uniform has the primary function of supporting shin protection. However, due to the fact that the shin guards were smaller and did not have any support, the socks had to be modified and made more dense.

This makes the player’s defense better, but it can also affect comfort in terms of comfort. That is, it fixes the lower leg better, but for 90 minutes or more intensely compresses the calf muscles.



This is why Bellingham and other players such as Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka or Manchester City’s Kyle Walker make the decision to make certain cuts in their socks. Thus, they reduce the intensity with which the fabric presses on the calf, or at least the sensation that it gives them.

There is no scientific support for this, but since this is football, it is likely that this will help them, at least psychologically.

So yes, Jude rips his socks off just out of comfort.

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