Why is the coronation of King Carlos III and Camilla Parker in danger?


Just a few weeks before the coronation of the King Charles III and the queen consort Camilla Parker the issues They have not been long in coming and it is that they are both finding it difficult and here we tell you the reasons why the event could in danger.

Remember that the coronation will take place next May 6th in Westminster Abbey and it is Camilla herself who is taking charge of it in the midst of great fear because they are not in a very good situation with the residents due to their lack of empathy with them and the way in which the management of the reign has been carried out.

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Currently, they are going through a very difficult time, since the popularity of the deceased’s son is being questioned Queen isabel II, because in various public events, the English have shown their discontent with him for several scandals that have dragged him and his family.

Reasons why the coronation of Carlos III is at risk

  • Lack of empathy and declining popularity

In their last public appearance while visiting a zoo, when both were intercepted by the English who were demonstrating against them with signs making it clear that they do not have their acceptancebecause some of them said “You are not my King”, “You do not represent me”.

  • scandals of the princes

Being the organizer of the event, Camilla would be very concerned about the link between her husband and the population, much more because of the problems that have occurred with their children, princes like harry and meghan who decided to abandon all their royal duties and move to California, which has further complicated their relationship with the royal family.

Likewise, Parker had assumed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would not attend the coronation, and in their place, he put his own children, but he was given notice that those places and food were assigned to Harry and Meghan, so he could not carry out his plans, although his attendance has not yet been officially confirmed.

while with him prince williamthe infidelity scandal has been unleashed in recent weeks, which would have occurred since 2019 with a close friend of Kate Middleton, Rose Hanbury, with whom the Prince of Wales has been seen to be very affectionate, despite the fact that in public it appears that the relationship is going from strength to strength.

  • The singers who have refused to participate in the coronation

One of the biggest attractions in royal events are the personalities invited to participate and much more if we talk about the musical field. Well, for the coronation they expected great English stars that could appearbut many are turning their backs on the king.

Some of the celebrities who have declined the invitation to sing have been Elton John, Harry Styles, Spice Girls, Adele, among others, because they do not want to be associated with the monarch. So it is said that Ariana Grande could be the one to appear, although she is currently away from the stage concentrating on acting for her new musical.


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