Why was Shakira and Bizarrap’s session temporarily removed from Spotify?

The earthquake of Shakira dedicating a session to Gerard Piqué with Bizarrap, and incidentally taking the record for the best debut of a Latin song in history, is far from calming his replicas. A while ago, some of the hundreds of thousands of users who have it on their playlist Spotify regulars have realized that the theme is no longer available on the music platform. It only remains to know why.

A growing confusion has been popularizing on Twitter, since several users assured that the composition was still in the memory of spotty but can’t play it. It appears darkened, with no official explanation from the platform. For now, all are theories, but It is not the first time it happens.

When the songs appear in this way, there are several options for what may have happened: that the transfer of rights that Spotify negotiates with the artists has expired, that they are precisely negotiating a ‘return’ or that the issue in question is being investigated. That is the favorite option of the networks, which recall the case of BriellaMusic.

“I really think that Shakira he was inspired by my song ‘Solo tú’ to do his Bizarrap Session“, he explained on January 11 after hearing the collaboration of the Colombian with BZRP. On his official channels he recalled that his song ‘Solo tú’ was released six months before Session #53, with a tiktok that denounced the alleged plagiarism: “I’m not making this video because I’m a lifelong fan of Shakira and Biza’s work, I’m in shock and I don’t know what to do“.

There is the fact that there are very similar situations in recent history, with Katy Perry and her ‘Dark Horse’‘ (2013) as one of the first examples that comes to the mind of any fan. The singer had a very expensive and long trial against the rapper Marcus Graywho accused her of copying his theme ‘Joyful Noise’ (2008).

A judgment forced her to pay nearly $3 million in losses in 2020, but two years later another judge threw out the order, saying the alleged plagiarism was “too simple to be protected by copyright”. Judge it in this video:

BZRP Music Session #53 is still available on YouTube and a couple of days ago it broke the barrier of 400 million views, a milestone that only Quevedo’s ‘Quédate’ has reached and that demonstrates the extent of his fame. Now it only remains to see Spotify’s verdict.

(UPDATE) As easy as it went, it came back. A few hours after her inexplicable disappearance, the modern shoot from Shakira to Piqué and Clara Chía it’s green again… and we are left with the question of knowing what has happened.

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