Will Grupo Frontera and Bella Poarch collaborate? The strange message from the band

Will Grupo Frontera and Bella Poarch collaborate? The strange message from the band

The group commented on a publication in which the influencer and singer is dancing “Bebé Dame”

By: Daniel Gutierrez Dieck


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Frontera Group and Bella Proach

Cluster Border has generated a lot of excitement among their fans who dream of making a collaboration with Bella Poarchfor a message they wrote to the artist.

Through its official Instagram account, the group commented on a publication in which The influencer and singer appears dancing to the hit “Bebé Dame”.

“I have a thousand plans, proposals to love, you and me in solitude,” Grupo Frontera wrote to Bella Poarch.

This text belongs to the lyrics of the song “Bebé Dame”, so it was only the group “getting on the train”. However, those who have found this comment on the publication have asked him to ask them to do a collaboration; Up to now Bella Poarch and Grupo Frontera have not expressed any intention in this regard.

Who is Bella Poarch?

In 2020, Bella Poarch rose to fame by becoming the new sensation on TikTok, Well, at the time, he broke the record for the video with the most likes.

It is about a young woman who was born in the United States of America, of Filipino origin and who served in the US Navy. However, her future full of success found it thanks to her cosplay.

With the passage of time and his increase in popularity, he also became a singer and has released songs like: “Build A Bitch”, ‘Dolls”, “Inferno” and many more.

Now, Bella Poarch is in the eye of many fans of the Mexican Regional, who, due to an interaction with Grupo Frontera, have begun to dream of both artists collaborating on a song.

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