Will Ryan Gosling be the next Marvel Ghost Rider? Hollywood actress responded to this rumor

From the Ken doll to the legendary American astronaut Neil Armstrong, Ryan Gosling has done just about everything in his career. Now all that’s left is Ryan to put on his superhero costume and join the roster of Marvel characters.

WITH La La Land, Blade Runner: 2049 And Only God forgives In the long list of films he has starred in, Ryan Gosling has always proven to be a great actor. After his role as Ken alongside Margot Robbie in the film Barbiein which he also interprets an all-around sad song for broken hearts, Ryan further confirmed why he is one of the audience’s favorite actors. After box office success of pink euphoriaMany wondered what the next projects will be in which we can see the actor from Passion Diary.

Due to this, a number of unconfirmed rumors that are circulating on the internet ensure that Ryan Gosling could be one of the next actors to become members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM).. Main character First man on the moon could be the next character to share credits with Thor, The Incredible Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and the rest of the superheroes that will appear in the next phases of UCM.

Although it was previously rumored that Ryan would be Nova, which is part of the history of the arachnids, the media denied this information. In the following months, another rumor surfaced that tried to prove that Gosling could join the MCU as a Sentinel, however this was later debunked as Steven Yeun had already taken over the role. To the surprise of many, in July 2022, Gosling opened up and said that if he had to choose a superhero to play, he would definitely want to be one. Ghost rideralso known as Ghost Rider.

Who gave a few details to clarify if it could be that we see Ryan as a flaming skull anti-hero? Emily Blunt. It was during an interview with Josh Horowitz, conducted shortly before the start of the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, that the British actress stressed that the actor had no desire to play a superhero. “No, he doesn’t. I asked him about it,” Emily said of her friend Ryan. When the host explained that Gosling had previously told him he wanted to play Ghost riderBlunt simply said that Ryan “was a fool” and that “she’s going to get in trouble with him for putting her in this place.”

Unfortunately, this was bad news for fans who were already dreaming of seeing Ryan riding a burning motorcycle in a leather jacket and pants. However, until Ryan denies it or an official line-up is announced, his involvement could still be on the table if Marvel Studios wants to revive the character they previously played. Nicolas Cage.

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