Wimbledon 2023: The most dressed celebrities of the entire tournament

Within Wimbledon 2023It must be admitted that, in terms of fashion, this is the most stylish professional tennis tournament on the planet. While the US Open is shining and the French Open is crazy Wimbledon (with its strict dress code for tennis players and dress code solemn cocktail party for your guests) remains strictly traditional.

result Wimbledon 2023 almost captured in the history books, and few of the celebrities of this year, among them David Beckham, Stanley Tucci, Tom Hiddleston, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry, and even Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber deviated from the strict dress code. However, on the grass, an Italian professional tennis player Yannick Sinner He flaunted his status as a brand ambassador by walking down the runway with a monogrammed Gucci suitcase. The bag appears to have been specially designed for the tournament, and its red and green trim handles are a bit off the all white norm, unlike, say, Nick Kyrgios’s red and white Air Jordan 1s, which allegedly cost him a $14,000 fine. last year.

There’s still time for Woody Harrelson and his fancy hats to change the fate of the tournament, but in the meantime, you can scroll through the list to see the best of all outfits, elegant and stylish from Wimbledon 2023Until now.

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