Women’s Day and famous feminists who are a reference

The new generations of women have taken over from the historical feminists, transferring the message of equality and rights to millions of young people around the world.

the history of feminism is that of Mary Wollstonecraft, of the suffragettes, Simone de Beauvoir, Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan women who fought to achieve the equal rights with men, what we defend this 8M. It cost some of them their lives, jail, losing custody of their children, suffering disrepute or insults, but they paved the way that millions of others are currently following. women from all over the world. Who are the most familiar faces in the new generation of feminists? They are many, from different countries, occupations, race or social background. They took over.

We are going to give birth when we want, we are going to fuck with whoever, how and where we want and anyone who wants to tell us what to do with our bodies will have us in front of us

Emma Watson, the actress who gave a speech at the UN for women’s rights

Emma Watson is one of the leaders of the #HeForShe movement, which is committed to involving men in the fight for equal rights for women. The actress uses social networks as a platform for debate about feminism and in defense of women. In his entries there is no lack of references to the historical ones and, in addition, he directs a reading club of fundamental books of the global feminist movement.

Malala Yousafzai, a benchmark in the fight for women’s education

To Malala Yousafzai at the age of 15 they tried to kill her because a woman studying in pakistan it was one dangerous woman. She survived to tell the story and keep fighting. He has become a referent of feminism and the fight for women’s education since she herself was a child. At the age of 11, she already wrote a blog for a British medium and at 17 she was the youngest person to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Her fight against the Taliban regime made her an international figure and her Foundation is currently fighting for the right to education for girls from all over the world.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: We should all be feminists

Nigerian essayist and writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie plays all the songs but from a feminist perspective: Africanness, immigration, the denial of a single thought. An agitator of social and political consciences. She has become one of the main current defenders of the fight for equality and visibility of African women.

The writer Chimamanda Ngozi has become a leader in the fight for the rights of African womenHELENA WOLFENSON

Tarana Burke, from the Bronx to the #MeToo movement

Tarana Burke is little known, because magazine covers prefer to put blonde women, but this fighter born and raised in the bronx is one of the founders of the #MeToo movement in 2006, long before the concept caught on and was garnished with the glamor of Hollywood actresses. Tarana Burke became the leader of many sexually harassed and assaulted women. She advocated for creating a safe space for women to women could speak out about the abusive behaviors they have suffered to fight against normalized sexual behaviors over the years of which millions of young people and adult women have been victims, many times without being aware of it.

Tarana Burka, the promoter of MeTootelecinco.es

Greta Thunberg of the climate and the women who rule

Greta Thunberg has become one of the most important women of her generation. His tireless fight to curb climate change, after creating the global initiative for Friday for Future, have made her a symbol of female activism and leadership for an entire generation. The young Swedish woman has self-defined as a feminist and has linked the mobilization for the planet with the struggle of all women, for a transversal feminism that addresses current global issues.

The activist Greta Thunberg is arrested in Norway during a protest in favor of the rights of the Sami community.Javad Parsa/ntb/dpa

Rita Laura Segato, a voice from South America against gender violence

The Argentine researcher is known for her work on gender in Latin American communities, mainly in Mexico, where she has important studies on femicides in Ciudad Juárez. She has focused much of her career studying about the gender violence and racism. In his works he analyzes how ‘power’ works in relationships and why it is a mistake to talk about sexual crimes without considering that these are crimes of power, domination and punishment”.

Rita Laura Segatotelecinco.es

Rozalén: hymns of feminism

The Spanish singer María de los Ángeles Rozalén Ortuño, better known for Rozalen, has written songs that have become anthems of feminism. The singer-songwriter is already a feminist icon in the musical field with texts that are a message of hope for an egalitarian world for men and women. His concerts are from his beginnings a commitment to equality and integration. At her side, she is always accompanied by a sign language interpreter who reinforces her interest in including everyone.

Irantzu Varela Urrestizala: free sex

“We will give birth when we want, We are going to fuck with whom, how and where we want And anyone who wants to tell us what to do with our bodies is going to face us.” This is one of the phrases that defines the speech of Irantzu Varela Urrestizala and that rolls in a video with thousands of views on the internet. The journalist and Spanish activist She is one of the most visible faces of current national feminism. Her journalistic work has allowed her to convey her message of equality and freedom to thousands of women from all over the world.

Irantzu Varelatelecinco.es

8-M: A feminist movement with many voices and colors

The writer Cristina Morales, the actress Emma Thompson and Natalia Portman, the singer Beyoncé and many others are the most visible feminists of this purple tide of women who embrace a movement against patriarchythat system established from the domination of men and the subordination of women.

They do not all fit here on this symbolic list, where there is a bit of this variety that is feminism today. There is no one way to be a feminist, nor to be a woman. The ideas championed by Simone de Beauvoir with that “a woman is not born, she becomes a woman” are as legitimate as those of Clara Campoamor or those of Roxana Gay, women of all times, but with common messages. Each 8-M with thousands of feminist marches around the world show that the movement continues to push from all sides, because this fight is going as defined Maria Galindo of “depatriarch”

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