Wonder Woman’s origin story could change in Paradise Lost

A new report ensures that the new DCU’s Wonder Woman origin will be different from what Gal Gadot’s version was.

A new rumor claims that lost heaven will show a different origin for Wonder Woman than the version Gal Gadot.

DCU Wonder Woman will have a new origin

CanWeGetSomeToast insider confirmed that the series HBO Max‘Paradise Lost’ Will Change Wonder Woman’s Origins DCEUas it would distance itself from what was seen in the 2017 film starring Gal Gadot directed by the director Patty Jenkins. The information was released along with the cover of the graphic novel series. History of Wonder Woman: Amazons, hinting that DC Studios will take this story as the basis for the creation of “Paradise Lost”. This series of graphic novels is described as follows: “This is a Homeric epic about the lost history of the Amazons and the rise to power of Queen Hippolyta.”

Paradise Lost is one of the projects announced by James Gunn as part of his new DKU. It was said that the project “is a kind of history Game of Thrones O Themyscira including all the darkness, drama and political intrigue behind this sorority.” While the report does not state that the series will change Wonder Woman’s origin, the story that mentions her takes place before the heroine’s birth, so it is likely that it differs from Jenkins’ film version.

Paradise Lost doesn’t have a release date yet.

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