Wonka: The controversy the film faces over its cast

wonka The release date, announced in Europe on December 13, 2023, is not yet close, and first reviews. In this case, about cast selection.

moviewhich will be included in the list of the most anticipated films of 2023, will tell the story of a young man Willy Wonka, who already dreams of building a chocolate factory and will serve as a prequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; a character we briefly know from the boy whose father loves to eat candy in the 2005 film, but who will now be the main character.

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IN wonkawe know that the main character, young Willy Wonka, will play the charismatic Timothée Chalamet. We also know that his involvement with this character will be the fourth time someone gives life wonka on the big screen, as before that it was Gene Wilder in 1971 (who, by the way, is now a famous meme), Crispin Glover in 2007 (in the non-child version) and Johnny Depp, in 2005. In addition to a representative theater on Broadway with a production by Christian Borle.

to the cast wonka add actors and actresses dignitaries such as Olivia Colman, Keegan Michael-Key, Sally Hawkins, Rowan Atkinson, Matt Lucas, Hugh Grant, Ellie White, Simon Farnaby, Jim Carter, Peterson Joseph, Matthew Bainton, Rich Fulcher and Natasha Rothwell. Indeed, among these names Disputes over the choice of translators.

Wonka cast controversy

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Hugh Grant has been personified

About selection processes Wonka cast some details are known. For example, the main character Willy Wonka it was between Timothée Chalamet and Tom Holland, and in the end the winner of the role came first. We also know that because it musical filmthe actor will have to demonstrate his vocal and dancing skills in front of the camera.

But it was not Chalamet that caused controversy in this character, but the presence of Hugh Grant. And it’s legendary actor what we saw in movies such as “Bridget Jones’s Diary” and “A Place Called Notting Hill” will breathe life into ompa-loompathese mythical characters, known for their short stature and young age (they do not exceed 1.50 meters in height and do not live more than 50 years), as well as green hair and an orange face.

Hugh Grant’s choice in this character angered more than one person as they emphasized the fact that the role was to be played by an actor who actually had dwarfism. So it was with George Koppen, actor The British dwarf who led this revolt against the election of Grant in that character.

In an interview with the BBC, actor He noted that the way Hugh Grant was portrayed in the role was offensive to shorter people. For example, because of the way they designed their body proportions. According to him, “His head was enlarged to make it look bigger. I thought, “What the hell did they do to him?”

The 26-year-old actor also opined that the perpetrators of wonka they should have given him a role ompa-loompa small person, especially when you consider that in film industry it is quite difficult for this minority to get a role in movie And TV, and that this character represents an important inclusion opportunity. In the same interview, he stated, “Many actors (with dwarfism) feel we are isolated from the industry we love. Many people, including myself, argue that dwarves should be offered everyday roles in TV shows and soap operas, but we are not offered such roles. They close one door for us, but forget to open the next one.”

It should be noted that in previous versions of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, actors with dwarfism did participate in these characters, as was the case with George Claydon in the 1971 version and Deep Roy in the 2005 version.

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