Workers rescued a dog that was in a sewage basin in Roque.

Another case of animal abandonment was known in Rock. It’s about a bulldog who was found by Aguas Rionegrinas workers in “totally critical condition”. Now ask for help finding a permanent positionand solve veterinary expenses.

The story of “Quito,” as it’s been nicknamed by those who defend it today, came to light this Thursday after it was shared by Rock’s Corazon Canino rescue team. Near a bulldog about five years old who was found in sewage puddles located in the Alta Barda area.

According to the Corazon Canino group, Nora, on BLACK RIVER Magazine state company employees They noticed the dog’s presence on Wednesday the 8th. and they did not hesitate to ask for help when they saw that he was in critical condition. Nora indicated that they did not know how long she had been in this place, but they assume it was abandoned six months ago or more.

He explained that at first glance and because of his size, Quito suffers from severe malnutrition it affected him physically. They also discovered that he represents fungus on the skin from scabies and several tumors that need urgent treatment.

Quito since yesterday -Wednesday 8- is under the care of a volunteer who offered to give her a foster family, however Nora indicated that They hope they can find him a home forever.. In turn, he explained that these days you will have a blood test to check if you have any other medical conditions.

“His condition worries, he can hardly get up”“, – pointed out the rescuer and added that she is under constant supervision, because although she receives water, she still does not eat. “We will see how this develops, this is the case when you need to be patient,” she said .

In this sense, she indicated that those interested in helping can contact her via WhatsApp at 2984 559876.

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