Yasin Cheuko, Lionel Messi’s bodyguard who went viral on TikTok for being a player’s shadow.

Lionel Messi made a splash in USA, Well since he came Inter MiamiAnd thousands of fans who dreamed of meeting the Argentinean star suddenly had the opportunity to approach him to ask for autographs and photos.

However, this involves certain risks for the captain of the Argentine team. Given this, the club decided to hire a bodyguard who would constantly monitor him and his family.

Through social media and over time, it began to spread virally. tik tak the figure of a man who accompanies Leo and who intervenes repeatedly so that the fans do not disturb or interrupt the football player who has already won his first title with the team in League Cup.

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Near Yasin Chuecoformer army soldier USA who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Navy SEAL.

On the other hand, as shown on his Instagram account, Cheuko is an expert in martial arts, taekwondo and boxing and has participated in several MMA fights, according to Miami Diario media.

His Facebook profile is full of photos of him working out, and there are also several videos of fights in the sport’s various minor leagues.

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In addition to taking care of him during matches, Cheuko is always there for the Inter Miami player and sticks to him, even when he is about to match him. Antonella Rocuzzo and their children to the supermarket.

Since taking custody of Messi, the security expert has quintupled his Instagram followers, where he has over 110,000 followers. His last post is dated 59 weeks ago and is an MMA fight he competed in.

In addition, he has a curious post in which he is in the stadium. camp Nou belonging football club barcelonais the Spanish team in which Messi played until August 2021. Six months earlier, Chuecco walked past the Blaugrana and posed for a photo with the former UFC lightweight champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov.

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Also, according to some American TV shows, Yasin Cheuko It has a team of over 50 people who follow the entire life of Lionel Messi and his family in Miami. He is in charge of being around 10 while the other members of the team take care of Rosario’s family.

According to LA NACION.

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