Yeri Mua applauds the decision of JD Pantoja and Kim Loaiza not to ask for money on social networks

Yeri Mua, who in recent weeks has had the luxury of acquiring two luxury vans that amount to more than one million pesos each, now spoke out in favor of not asking for money on social networks, as JD Pantoja and Kimberly Loaiza, better known as “the greatest beauty”.


It was through a video circulating on social networks that JD and Kim talked about the new tools to collect money from different digital platforms.


Both influencers issued their opinion on the subject and said they were against receiving gifts that are converted into money from their followers.

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Juan de Dios Pantoja addressed the issue and named this type of person as the “homeless of today”, who are his colleagues but do accept this type of virtual details.


The definition of “homeless” refers to all those people who do not have a place to live and sleep on the street or in charitable establishments.

Despite the fact that the influencer couple urged the content creators not to benefit from their followers, the Changa Vlogs Twitter account attacked their opinion.

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“Kimberly Loaiza’s husband calls TikTokers that today’s homeless people do lives and ask for gifts 😨 Hey Juan De Dios Pantoja, do you know that your” best friend and now driver El Super Trucha does that kind of lives asking for gifts, right? ? 😏 quoted the account.

It is worth mentioning that both in the videos of Kim and JD “El Super Trucha” has stood out in recent years, gaining its own fandom and popularity on social networks, which is why he decided to open his own channel to create content which was posted on doubt by Changa Vlogs.


But in the face of this series of statements and opinions, Yeri Mua agreed with the marriage but not with the gossip portal, justifying that she also finds it in very poor taste that tiktokers and some other streams ask their followers for gifts or stars.

“Well, for the first time I agree with him, I dedicate myself to lives, I don’t like to ask for gifts and if I can deactivate Stars, it looks culerisi ** that they ask and ask for the net and I have friends who do it and not for that reason It means I agree.” She wrote in response to Changa Vlogs’ tweet.

After this, the influencer accepted that she deactivates the famous stars to prevent her followers from spending because of the percentage of the stars that they send them, they only receive a small amount. She although she is aware that in her beginnings she also used to accept such gifts.

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