Yolanda Diaz, fashion is a revolution and what our clothes say, Luis Sala Michel

ALICANTE. Fashion is a revolution. “Throughout history, clothing trends have also become forms of condemnation and rebellion, serving as instruments of protest to demonstrate disagreement with the established system and even the way of liberation, especially in the case of women,” he said. Laura Opazo V fashion is revolution (“Zenith”, 2023). From Coco Chanel To Emma Watson or Lady Gaga, fashion has played a key role in developing a career in film, fashion, politics or life. From here I ask you to look at Yolanda Diaz. I once read this Alfonso Guerra he called her “Mélenchon dressed by Christian Dior”.

Let’s start with the fact that this article is not a criticism, but rather an analysis of such an element as clothing, which, in our opinion, is part of the discourse of any politician. Your clothes, mine, clothes Pedro Sanchezwhat from Santiago AbascalYolanda Diaz says And she is never “innocent”, naive. As my fan says Katya Eichingerclothing “is a rich symbolic language with which we create and convey meaning. It has a direct impact on how we feel in our body, making it very intimate and at the same time making us social beings. fascinating part of our daily culture. And we all participate. We can’t help but communicate through our clothes. As he wrote Oscar Wilde: “only superficial people do not judge others by their clothes.”

Diaz herself admitted that she likes fashion. “I love fashion, it has always been very important in my life, it is something that I think I inherited from my mother. From court as a labor lawyer to meeting with workers, at the Congress of Deputies or in the government. . So why does Yolanda Diaz grab our attention so much? Do we expect, perhaps, leftist nudism? I have never seen anyone speak in the style of right-wing politicians. It’s like we’re confusing progressive ideas with our way of expressing ourselves in the world. The idea of ​​a liberal with dreadlocks and Moorish pants is as old-fashioned as the idea that a woman must wear a navy pinstriped suit to achieve important positions.

Society is changing. Our styles have evolved over the years. Let the first stone be thrown by the one who has not changed his style over the years or adapted it, even minimally, to the culture of his company or his profession. Those who criticize his change don’t seem to be aware of the above, and are usually the same people who turn you green when you change your musical tastes (like when your mother rebukes you for what used to be 40 years ago , come on – you liked Miguel Rios, and now you don’t). One thing changes, it is an axiom. Sometimes even wishing.

The transition of Yolanda Diaz is that at first she showed a more informal image, less pretentious. As she gained strength, on the one hand, moving from regional politics to the national level, and especially when it came to increasing weight or responsibility, already as a minister or second vice president of the government, she knew how to improve, creating her own sophisticated style , which has long made her one of the most stylishly dressed politicians in our country. Almost everything he carries is national and quite accessible (if not very). zara And Adolfo Dominguez are among his favorite brands, with a selection that seems to have a certain patriotic flavor to it. also pulls because, custom barcelona And Mage.

They talked about how the VP turned to luxury brands for appearing in the latter because she spent 275 euros on a Maje dress, not knowing it wasn’t luxury today. Not much less. luxury valentine or Prada or Lowe. The question is, what if you want to wear luxury? I don’t quite understand. And this, gentlemen, is Yolanda’s success. His vision was completely renewed.

Our image should always correspond to what we want to convey. Yolanda Diaz wears clothes that any moderately young and moderately progressive woman could wear, not causing a mess, working bourgeoisie, not an idle and classic aristocrat, but with a modern touch, more integrated than apocalyptic in the terminology of Umberto Eco. : about progress, equality, feminism and class struggle.

I have never read anything about the clothes of a person who is involved in politics. No one criticized the pinstriped or navy suits. Why is it egocentrism? Why, in relation to a woman, should we only care about protecting our rights? if he already said it Stella McCarteny: “You can take fashion as seriously as you want, but everyday life is always political because it’s people who express themselves.” So, I’m going to give you information: no matter how much pressure it puts on you, you don’t learn style, you have it. And Diaz, unlike the others, gives it away

And that’s how I learned that fashion doesn’t understand politics.

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