“You are guarding me, now it is yours,” Agustin Casanova’s statement to the Rada at La Voz de Canal 10.

This Tuesday was not the best day for blind auditions Voice (channel 10) for Augustine Casanova. The jury member first lost the opportunity to add the 17-year-old singer to his team when she competed with Valeria Lynch, and then lost the opportunity to add a pianist to his team.

The leader of Marama pressed the button to turn around when the song had already ended. Casanova lost to a simple button.

From Nueva Helvecia, Department of Colonia, young Tatyana Nieves performed the song “Skyscraper” Demi Lovato and conquered Valeria Lynch.

But just before her show ended, Agustin Casanova pressed a button, her chair spun around, and she said she wanted her on his team. “It was mine,” said the Argentine singer. thinking that a young woman would choose a cumbia pop singer.

To Lynch’s own surprise, the 17-year-old decided not to be part of Casanova’s team and decided to join the singer’s group “Love Me in Slow Motion”.

The rest of the night will remain elusive for the Marama leader.

Sergio Colombo not only sing, but also plays the piano and it has been done in various parts of the world. A young man played this instrument aboard the world’s largest cruise ship.

The participant recalls that period as a time of “great pressure”, because he had to learn languages ​​and over 120 songs within a month. Those four months on board in 2015 also left him depressed due to the high demands he was under.

Young man sang “The Power of Your Love” Ricardo Montaner and moved Ruben Rada, the only jury member who turned around to accept him on his team. Though he wasn’t the only one who tried.

The candombe badge warned that there was another juror who also wanted to turn around, but that “he’s playing with buttons.” Casanova immediately replied that he wanted to wait until the last moment, but it didn’t work out, because. the music track ended earlier than he thought.

“I didn’t show up, I pressed the button and they cut (the music),” the cumbia pop singer said. “You planted me, now it’s yours”Casanova said about Sergio Colombo that he remained in the Rada team.

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