Zack Snyder reveals what he was up to

He snyderverse strike back. This March 15 zack snyder returned to stir his impressionable fandom with what he claimed was “a message from Darkseid”: that is, the villain in the shadows that we have only met in passing in the cinema, as a great threat of the League of Justice. The transmission summoned us to something that would happen on April 28, 29 and 30so how could it be otherwise theories emerged.

Always from your favorite social network, truethe filmmaker gave more clues with three publications that corresponded to the Holy Trinity from DC: Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman with the faces of Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot. Accompanied by high-sounding phrases, these images highlighted the dates in addition to the initials of the three titles that Snyder has directed at DC. Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Of course, without counting that version that ended Joss Whedon. The fact is that the titles appeared next to other initials (one of them, IMAX), which led many to think that what the director was planning was a theatrical re-release of his superhero movies. Since Snyder left Warners with outrageous boxes and now seems to be very comfortable on Netflix (piloting the franchise army of the dead and soon rebel moon) was the most prudent solution.

Six days later Snyder has revealed what he is up to. He has done it on the channel The Nerd Queens, where he has counted on hair and signs what will happen between April 28 and 30. The answer: well another SnyderCon. One who now receives the last name “Full Circle” (god knows why) and go to celebrate the two years since Zack Snyder’s Justice League It premiered, with a brand new four hours long, on HBO Max.

The new SnyderCon, therefore, will consist of the reruns of the man of steel and batman v supermanbut it will also host the first time the called Snyder Cut It will be seen on the big screen. The acronyms previously described referred to the fact that the latter will be exhibited in a room IMAXwhile the previous two will be screened at the Art Center College of Design from Pasadena, Calif. He Snyder Cutin turn, will be projected on the Universal City Walk.

the man of steel will arrive on April 28, batman v superman the 29th, and finally The Justice League on the 30th. Each screening will be accompanied by a discussion led by Snyder himself. Obviously they will be events with limited tickets and a capacity limited to the US, but the director has already assured that he is taking measures so that the SnyderCon: Full Circle may be global in scope.

His idea is that fans from beyond California tune in to the viewing of the films just in time to be able to participate in each colloquium electronically. “Wanna, as much as possible that people can experience it on-line in a similar way,” says Snyder.

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