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rivalsNew film Luca Guadagnino, will not be at the Venice Film Festival. This may have been the first title to be removed from the program after the conditions were read. the actors are on strike in the USA with zendaya disabled to promote the director’s new film call me by nameit didn’t make any sense to show her (the movie, not Zendaya) to so many people. The wildness that (we believe) has taken main character Euphoria Not because she is the best actress in the world, but because she is one of the best promotion their work.

Since this part of the business was also affected by the union strike, Hollywood is doubly paralyzed. The film industry produces two products: movies and want to watch them. Exactly call me by name It was a title with a very long advertising campaign behind. Not a superstar yet Timothy Chalamet and not canceled yet Armie Hammer they talked for months about Call mehelping Guadagnino’s work become event that finally happened. In turn, thanks to her, the careers of both actors accelerated, and their status as the stars have united.

Then their trajectories diverged: while Chalamet agreed to the top of your profession in a matter of months, the Hummer was immersed in the most absurd argument recent years. Another semi-paralysis of the industry, pandemicslightly disguised his plumb. explosive weddingIn the film Jennifer Lopez, he was one of the main roles. But the movie (not to mention La Lopez) couldn’t afford advertising round with toxic Armie Hammer, so he was replaced by Josh Duhamel, a translator as efficient as he was harmless. Without any complexes, the film from the “film about Jennifer Lopez and Armie Hammer” turned into just “Jennifer Lopez in…”. For some, rivals this is a new film by Luca Guadagnino, but for many others it “Zendaya in…”. When they caught her saying dirty things in a private message, she left. Hollywood to the wind. The third time.


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