Zendaya inspired Francis to straighten curly hair: what hairstyles did she choose

Curly hair is one of the most delicate types of hair, as its strands require special care and proper styling. Since last year, Franziska has become one of the clear examples of how to wear this type of hair as she not only shared her height but also showed some hairstyles that she loves and allows her to look different. The celebrity recently shared a post on her Instagram account that saw a series of images of different curly hair options, and she asked her followers which option they recommended. Nevertheless, Among the video, two striking images of actress Zendaya stood out, which give her a very feminine look. Find out what hairstyles Franziska has posted.

On the Despierta América special, Franziska shared an emotional message in which she revealed that for years she had been unsure about the look of her hair and that she had used a lot of straightening products since childhood. However, The TV presenter assured that she was ready to make peace with her inner child, as well as accept herself for who she is, so after a few minutes she started cutting her hair.. Learn more about his emotional speech. Since then, he has grown with his naturally wavy shape, which Franziska has managed to inspire many girls to love themselves for who they are, and shared her best tips for caring for him.

What hairstyles did Zendaya have Franziska have?

In recent months The Univisión host shared a wide variety of hairstyles on her social networks, from semi-ups with accessories to bow braids and high ponytails. Find out which hairstyles were the best that Franziska shared on her Instagram account. However, it looks like the celebrity wants to try on a new look, so decided to get inspired by Zendaya and some of her most unexpected proposals. If you have curly hair, you can also try some of the options below.

Zendaya with a root braid in the style of “boxer”.
Credit: Emma McIntyre | Getty Images

The first Zendaya hairstyle that Franziska shared was rooted braids. which the celebrity used to attend the premiere of Spider-Man: No Home, which took place last 2021 in the city of Los Angeles. Actually, This style is often referred to as “boxing braids” as the hairstyle is directed towards the back of the head, through various sections that are braided close to the root. In the case of Zendaya, the celebrity tended to wear multiple braids, which can be done by dividing her hair into several sections and braiding them to the ends. Don’t forget to prime your hair strands so they don’t become weak!

As for the American actress’ second look, African braids stand out as one of the options Francisca could try. In most cases, professionals are usually consulted to perform this hairstyle, as they tend toadd false hair and use a special weaving technique, where smaller divisions are made to increase the volume of the hair. Which of these two options would you recommend to the host of Despierta America?

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