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Zoey 101 was one of Nickelodeon’s most popular series. It premiered on January 9, 2005 and became one of the most popular series; among them are thousands of young people who dreamed of a life like Zoe’s.

The series follows the life of Zoe Brooks, a teenager who moves into her new school, a boarding school in Malibu called Pacific Coast Academy. The story goes that once the institute was a men’s school, but it was decided to accept girls as well.

The first episodes feature Zoey’s crazy friends, including Chase, who becomes her best friend; unfortunately, he has another interest in Zoey.

Zoe 101, 10 years after the premiere

In the final episode of Zoey 101, the main characters are about to celebrate their graduation. Zoe decides to break up with James (Austin Butler) because she realizes that she loves Chase (Sean Rio Flynn-Amir) and rumor has it that they are going on a date in Hawaii; But what happened after this meeting?

The film will be released in Mexico on Friday, August 11, 2023, with a few days earlier in the US. It is now known that the tape begins with a story about how the life of Zoe develops, who, after graduation, works as an assistant producer in a reality show; unfortunately, they don’t treat her very well.

Jamie Lynn Spears, sister of Britney Spears, presented the film at Paramount+

After surviving a moment of crisis, Zoey receives a gift from Quinn, who says she will marry Logan (they ended up dating during the series) and plans to bring all her friends from Pacific Coast Academy to a party; which is a problem as Zoe dumped Chase in Hawaii and never told him why she didn’t show up.

After learning that Zoe will see her friends again, she begins to investigate what happened to her former colleagues, it is there through public publications that she was one of the characters in the series is reported and it is detailed that everyone did very well after the end. The best thing about this is that Chase never spoke to Zoey again, she even tried to look for him year after year, but he never forgave her for not going to their meeting in Hawaii.

Zoe having to see Chase again is not the only problem, as Zoe will also have to work on the same day as the wedding and will be faced with the decision of whether to support her friend or keep her dream job. While the plot of the film, now the opinion.

Zoey 101: When will Zoey 102 premiere in Mexico?


Zoe 101 is an entertaining series with different stories and plots that don’t get boring, I think it should have been not only focused on Zoe’s life because it could also use Chase, Logan, Quinn or Michael more; Well, they practically just showed up to say “here they are.”

There was also a lack of characters as we remember that Victoria Justice (who played Lola Martinez) and Alexa Nicholas (who played Nicole) did not agree to return to the Nickelodeon production. Alexa mentioned that she was stalked by Dan Schneider, the producer of Zoey and other programs (note that she wasn’t the only person who spoke out against Dan).

One of the new characters that I liked was Todd, Zoe’s fake boyfriend, his character is the love interest and he wins the audience’s love despite not being from the original cast.

In conclusion, Zoey 102 is an entertaining film that makes you smile more than once, makes you remember some moments of childhood and serves the purpose of unraveling what happened to the characters from your favorite childhood series.

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