App drivers have relationships with passengers for money

Uber app

Uber app

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Transport drivers by app are doing programs to supplement their income, reveals a report from the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo, which collected reports from professionals who work in tools such as Uber, 99 and InDriver.

The practice ranges from flirting in conversations or looking in the rearview mirror, to codes that began to be used through the app. The most common is the use of the letter B (for oral sex) in the chat platform where drivers and passengers can communicate before the race. Once in the car, the passenger agrees what he wants and its due value with the driver.

According to reports, the program is carried out in a motel, in the passenger’s house, on not very busy streets to avoid being caught and even in a moving car.

In one of the statements, a driver who did not want to be identified said that he started doing programs when he was offered R$150 for oral sex. The money represented half of what he did in a whole day’s work and, in this way, the driver saw a way to increase his income – which even helped with the expenses for fuel for the car, which grew exponentially.

Another driver who did not reveal his name has had 50 passengers as customers since he started doing programs two years ago. He charges between R$50 and R$150 depending on what is agreed upon, and has already received R$200 in a negotiation.

Transport apps are not the only tool for practice. Drivers and customers also use dating apps – such as Tinder and Grindr (for LGBT+ audiences) – to combine programs along with the race.

According to the publication, most programs are among men. There are offers from female passengers – to pay for the ride, for example – but it’s not common.

When questioned, the companies responsible for the transport apps say that drivers can have their accounts deactivated in the event of a report of harassment or indecent exposure.

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