My Hero Academia: 5 things to know about season 7

My Hero Academia Season 7 has finally debuted, so here are five things you need to know before watching the rest of Deku’s adventures.

Season 7 of My Hero Academia is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated anime of the spring of 2024. The season begins with Star and Stripe arriving in Japan, accompanied by his fellow soldiers. After seeing the dire situation caused by Tomura Shigaraki, All For One, and the criminals running free, she answers All Might’s call and comes to lend a helping hand to the heroes.

As for the one causing all this chaos, namely All For One, the antagonist hides in a secret cave with Spinner. He wants to steal Star and Stripe’s quirk, which would be more than useful in his plans for world dominance. Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist also prepare to meet America’s #1 Pro Hero. However, they learn that Shigaraki, riding a flying Brainless, has already intercepted her.

The two clashes and Star and Stripe reveal her Quirk, titled New Order, which allows her to change the laws of anything she can touch. But fans also learned how All Might inspired her. Since My Hero Academia Season 7 has started, here are the five things you need to know.

1. The story gets (even) darker this season

If you think you’ve seen the worst of My Hero Academia, think again. The story, already intense, will only get darker in season 7. The devastating Paranormal Liberation War has significantly reduced the number of Pro Heroes.

Things eventually got better with Star and Stripe, but it wouldn’t last. Nonetheless, leading heroes like Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist are ready to face the threats. However, the villains won’t back down so easily.

2. You can watch recap episodes ahead of My Hero Academia Season 7

Just before the start of Season 7, My Hero Academia aired four special episodes serving as recaps. This allows us to remember the characters’ journey since the beginning of the anime and their evolution. These episodes, broadcast throughout the month of April 2024, also allow us to take stock of the state of mind of the protagonists after the events that occurred in the previous season.

Please note, however, that this is not just a compilation of old footage, as we can also see new scenes. This focuses on certain characters, such as All Might and Bakugo Katsuki, the Todoroki family, without obviously forgetting Deku and Shigaraki, who will be central in season 7.

3. Season 7 of My Hero Academia adapts three arcs from the manga

The new season, therefore, began with the Star and Stripe arc (going from chapter 329 to 334 in the manga). But the season should continue with the Yuei Betrayer arc (chapters 335–342) and the Final Battle arc, which is still in progress. The season begins with the arrival of Star and Stripe as she faces Shigaraki. It remains to be seen if All For One will manage to get their hands on the formidable Quirk of the United States No. 1, which would be more than problematic for our heroes.

Meanwhile, Yuei’s Betrayer arc promises to be one of the most shocking moments in Kōhei Horikoshi’s manga, as the high school students and staff are betrayed by one of their own. And given that these two arcs in question do not have many chapters, the season should probably allow us to see the beginning of the Final Battle arc, which is none other than the fourth arc of the Saga of Final Act, and the last of My Hero Academia.

4. The influence of former One For All hosts

Former One For All users are some of history’s greatest heroes, influencing heroes and villains. Their presence highlights the complexities of the Quirks’ legacy and its implications for the current conflict. My Hero Academia Season 7 promises a deeper exploration of the anime’s complex tapestry of characters and concepts as it nears its finale. With each discovery, the stakes rise, setting us up for a dramatic ending.

5. The revelation of Yuei’s traitor had already been foreshadowed

Yuei High School officials had considered the possibility of a traitor following the attack by the League of Villains during the SCA arc. The Second A students were supposed to continue their usual hero studies, but no one expected the villains to invade such a secure establishment.

They were targeting All Might, who was supposed to teach that same day but had changed his plans at the last minute. Thus, it was proven that the villains had other knowledge about the class schedule to pull off such a stunt. Season 7 will prove that the traitor was close to them all this time.

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