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It is common to hear that humans often make friends with unknown animals when they invade their homes, such as dogs, cats and birds. And with mouse, would it be common? It may seem strange to some people, but it happened in a different way with Monica Canova. The report was extracted from The Dodo portal.

The mouse shared the same house with Monica Canova for some time and currently lives in her kitchen. Although he was not invited, the peace between the animal and the human was completely sealed. In fact, the mouse was even given a name, now known as Mousey.

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Relationship between people and mouse

Although the duo lives in the best phase of their friendship, it wasn’t always that way. At first, with the discovery of the little intruder, Canova had a colder reaction towards the intruder animal. However, both quickly sealed the peace.

“The first time I saw him, I thought, ‘Well, this is kind of gross,'” Canova told The Dodo. “But when I approached him, he had the cutest, most perfect little ears. [Ele] looked at me as if to say, ‘Hi!’ And I just couldn’t let it be.”

Canova and ‘Jerry’

Since they started a friendship, Mousey has kept to himself and reappears occasionally. When he appears around the house, Canova still has the unexpected and positive feeling towards him.

Even though it is difficult for many to live with a mouse in their home – in a peaceful way – Canova has seen it differently, in addition to learning to deal with this idea. The woman decided to act this way so she wouldn’t have to evict him.

“As much as it’s not so nice to have a mouse as a roommate, I feel really bad about displacing him,” Canova said, noting that Mousey really seems to have enjoyed being a part of the house. “I think he thinks he owns the place.”

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