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With about a month and a half to go before the start of the World Cup, Tite’s coaching staff intensifies the analysis of Brazil’s first opponents in Qatar and, for that, even counts on the help of other teams. To better study Cameroon, the third rival in the group stage, on December 2, CBF officials asked for help from South Korea.

It can be explained: the Asians faced Cameroon last Tuesday, in Seoul, and won 1-0.

In order not to limit the observation of the game by the television cameras, Tite’s technical commission asked for the recording of the game by the South Koreans in an open angle. The Asians cooperated and sent the material to Brazil, which in June won a friendly 5-1 between the teams.

This type of footage, showing the entire field, is commonly done by performance analysts of clubs and national teams, for a more accurate assessment of players’ tactical positioning and movements. Recordings take place from the top of the stadium, usually from the booths or the press stand.

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Cameroon team before friendly against South Korea — Photo: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Unlike what happened with Serbia and Switzerland, other opponents of Brazil in the first phase, the CBF did not send any observers to the games in Cameroon in the FIFA dates after the World Cup. This happened for different reasons:

  • Africans took a long time to define a timetable, which made the logistics for the observation difficult;
  • CBF evaluated that the cost x benefit of the trip was not worth it, since Cameroon will be the last opponent of the first phase of the Cup and, thus, there will be more time to analyze the opponent – including in the first two rounds of the World Cup;
  • Former defender Robert Song took charge of Cameroon in March, so he is still implementing his game ideas.

In September, the Brazilian team sent two pairs to Europe for observations of the first two rivals in Qatar. Both won the two matches played by the League of Nations:

  • Lucas Oliveira, performance analyst for Palmeiras, and Ricardo Gomes, former player and coach, followed Serbia 4 x 1 Sweden and Norway 0 x 2 Serbia
  • Gabriel de Oliveira, analyst for Fluminense, and Marcinho, former player and current assistant for Bragantino, watched “in loco” The Spain 1 x 2 Switzerland and Switzerland 2 x 1 Czech Republic

In addition to them, performance analyst Fernando Lázaro, who has worked with Tite in the Seleção and is currently at Corinthians, analyzed three games: Netherlands 1 x 0 Belgium, England 3 x 3 Germany and Portugal 0 x 1 Spain. Strong teams that are likely opponents of the round of 16 (in the case of Portugal, in the group that meets Brazil’s group) until the Cup final.

Fernando Lázaro is a performance analyst at Corinthians — Photo: Felipe Szpak/Ag. Corinthians

All of them will produce reports for technician Tite and his assistants.

The call-up of the Brazilian team for the World Cup will be on November 7. Before that, on October 21, the CBF will send FIFA a pre-list with 55 players.

Programming of the Brazilian team until the World Cup — Photo: Infoesporte

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