Margot Robbie Roots for LGBT Harley Quinn in Movies

The romance between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy is already an old acquaintance of DC fans. After becoming a reality in comics and animation at HBO Max, Margot Robbie, interpreter of the anti-heroine in live-action films, wants the superhero company to also make the relationship possible in feature films.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy began their story as friends when they appeared together in an episode of the Batman animated series (1982-1995). However, in recent years they have been exchanging kisses and spreading chaos throughout Gotham City, in addition to making their relationship official in comics and streaming.

Harley Quinn scene

Harley Quinn (Hayley Cuoco) and Poison Ivy (Lake Bell) in the HBO Max animated series

Disclosure/HBO Max

In an interview with the Comic Book website, Margot Robbie revealed that, like the fans, she also wants to see the LGBTQIA+ novel reach the big screen. “I’ve been pushing this for years,” revealed the actress. “I can’t tell you how hard I’ve been pushing for this. I want too.”

Margot Robbie has stated that she doesn’t have a specific actress in mind who could play the role of Poison Ivy, but she’s really hoping her character can loosen up even more. “Honestly, when I picture this, I always picture Poison Ivy as in the comics. I really can’t imagine an actress doing that… But I agree, it would be so great.”

Margot Robbie, however, still has no plans to return to DC as the iconic Harley Quinn. In the upcoming Joker movie, Lady Gaga will play the role, but the actress has already revealed that she would like to play the anti-heroine again.

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