(5) five most expensive pairs of tennis shoes in the world

The world of fashion and luxury includes much more than just clothes and accessories. In the sports field, sneakers have become an indicator of style and status for many. While most of us may be used to looking for affordable and functional options, there is an exclusive market for sneakers crafted from exquisite materials and … Read more

Sports shoes: from everyday shoes to luxury items for collectors.

Be functional clothing From an indispensable piece of everyday fashion, as well as a collector’s item and even an investment item, sports shoes have become a commodity. object haunted by collectorssuch as exorbitant pricing models. pair of slippers Nike Air Jeezy 1 Used by rapper Kanye West and resold for $1.8 million to eternal waiting … Read more

Skechers breaks into football with Harry Kane as striker

English striker Harry Kane, who recently joined Bayern Munich, became the figurehead of Skechers in the American firm’s landing in the football category. Kane unveiled his new Skechers boot, the SKX_01, a masked version of which he wore during pre-season and on his Bayern debut. Kane, one of the most recognized football players in the … Read more

Documentaries worth watching for shoe lovers

Shoes are an integral part of any look, and there are stories behind the creation of the most iconic and coveted designs. If you love shoes, you will love these documentaries inspired by their creators and creators. Salvatore: Shoemaker of Dreams (2022) Salvatore Ferragamo’s history as a shoemaker began in his teenage years and evolved … Read more

Kourtney Kardashian triumphs in cowboy boots and a mini dress in the summer of 2023

If there’s one thing we have no doubt about, it’s that when it comes to fashion, kourtney kardashian is not afraid to take risks. Over the years, we’ve witnessed a celebrity’s inspiring quest to find his own label. It doesn’t matter if it’s shining with open dress or redefine the gothic tendency with a leather … Read more

Sneakers: learn about the history of this shoe that has already become a fashion icon – El Sol de México

All colors and shapes, special or luxurious designs, with accessories and details, whatever they may be, sneakers they have not one, but several stories of their origin over a century old. There is a record that the first were created in 1830 by the Liverpool Rubber Company, founded by John Boyd Dunlop, who figured out … Read more

From terrible shoes to the bottom of the closet, rubber clogs

From terrible shoes to the bottom of the closet, rubber clogsefe They were created for fully functional use and were intended for marine work or medical professionals, but rubber clogs stomp shoe trends every summer where get an edge over espadrilles and sandalsenhanced by catwalks and familiar faces. From singer Justin Bieber with his own … Read more

Ariana Grande and Emma Watson wore the same shoes at Wimbledon.

Ariana Grande and Emma Watson attended the Wimbledon men’s final on Sunday the 16th and their presence and their outfits did not go unnoticed. But there was a detail that caught the attention of many, and it was the fact that both decided to complete their outfit with Loewe heels, which could mark the arrival … Read more