Iran’s President Cancels Interview With CNN Anchor Over Veil

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi canceled a previously agreed interview with journalist Christiane Amanpour, main anchor of CNN International. The meeting was scheduled to take place on Wednesday 21, at the United Nations General Assembly in New York. However, after Christiane turned down a requirement to wear a veil covering her …

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How to deal with a wounded Putin? read analysis

The world has changed this week. Vladimir Putin showed that he knows how deeply hurt he is. He knows his government is under existential threat if the Russia is completely humiliated in Ukraine. He also showed the world that his strategy in this context is to scale. He is signaling …

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California legalizes human composting as a burial option

The state of California, in the US, will offer a different type of funeral to its citizens, in place of traditional methods of dealing with bodies, such as cremation and burial, new legislation due in 2027 will allow the transformation of human remains into compost for fertilizer. Natural Organic Reduction …

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