DON’T make this dangerous mistake anymore

It is necessary to think that domestic life is surrounded by behaviors that are not viewed critically. For example, many people do not wash the dish towel, stop covering the toilet when flushing and allow organic waste to be exposed. Still, it is necessary to rethink certain everyday actions, with …

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Pope issues statement after comments on homosexuality and sin

Pope Francis clarified recent comments made about homosexuality and sin, saying he was simply referring to official Catholic moral teaching that any sexual act outside of marriage is a sin. In a note on Friday, the 27th, the Argentine pontiff recalled that even this teaching is subject to circumstances that …

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TOP 5 most congested cities in the world

– Reading time: 1 minute – The popularly known “traffic jam” is one of the most annoying and annoying things about living in big cities. Congestion not only wastes time and fuel, but also consumes all the patience of drivers, who spend a lot of time standing still without going …

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