A Possible Dream has come under fire following the conviction of its real-life protagonist, Michael Oher.

famous ribbon possible dream, also called Blind areasuch as made Sandra Bullock an Oscar winner.is at the center of controversy because of its real-life protagonist, Michael Oher, told the American press that the whole story was “a lie”. On August 14, the professional football retiree, now 37, presented lawsuit against the Tuohy Family, according to … Read more

Kylie Jenner opens up about scandalous kissing photos with her best friend Stassi Karanikolaou.

Kylie Jenner and Stassi Karanikolaou They drew attention in social networks after they published a photo in which they kiss together., taking a bite. The followers of one of the most prominent businesswomen of the Kardashian family gave clarifications about the image after various speculations reached their ears. “Isn’t it so funny that everyone thinks … Read more

The microphone that Cardi B threw in the middle of the show is up for auction for an incredible amount of money.

The microphone that singer Cardi B threw into the crowd during a concert in Las Vegas in late July after an attendee spilled liquid from a glass on her. It was auctioned off on eBay today for $99,900.c (about 91,194 euros), according to TMZ. microphone was auctioned by the owner of The Wavethe producer responsible … Read more