why their numbers have more impact than they did in the 80s

Duki has sold 60,000 tickets for the show he will perform in June 2024 at the Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid. Lali has been touring Europe since June (including concerts in Switzerland, France, Italy and Spain). Emilia Mernes performed at the iconic Montreux Jazz Festival (the same edition that featured Bob Dylan, Sam Smith and Norah … Read more

Shakira removes lines from her Bizarrap song to avoid lawsuits from Pique – El Sol de México

They say that after the storm comes the calm, and what seems to be happening now between Shakira and his former partner Gerard Piquéafter it division embroiled in controversy and the premiere of several Colombian songswith whom he expressed his feelings after breaking up. He congratulated you, Monotonia, Sessions Volume 53 with Bizarrap, Acrostic, TCG … Read more

Shakira is asked to sing in English and less reggaeton

Shakira is one of the most influential Latin American artists, and there is no doubt about it. Everything he touches turns to gold, even his hatred for the former Gerard Pique, who inspired him to the most popular musical themes such as Music session 53 with Bizarrap. Her recent collaboration with Manuel Turizo has turned … Read more

Bizarrap has been selected as one of Hollywood’s most influential artists.

The American magazine Variety noted the successful Argentine music producer for the impact he has on young people. As his European tour continues, Bizarrap continues to reap the rewards of international recognition. This time, Variety magazine, the most famous publication in the entertainment industry in the US, chose him as one of the young The … Read more

Rain of insults against Clara Chia for her unexpected “change in appearance”: “There is only one Shakira”

Rain of insults against Clara Chia for her unexpected “change in appearance”: “There is only one Shakira”TELESINCO WITH Shakira and Pique have officially announced their breakup. open warfare between the two knows no mercy: while the Colombian singer seems determined to dedicate an entire album to the breakup (with all the right in the world), … Read more

This is the restaurant in Madrid where Penélope Cruz and Bizarrap dined over the weekend.

The other day, they left us some viral snaps similar to those shared by the famous actress. Penelope Cruz through his Instagram account. In the publication on her profile on this social network, we could see a Spaniard with a producer. strangeauthor of such hits as BZRP Music Sessions #53 with Shakira or BZRP Music … Read more

Here’s how the look of Bad Bunny – El Botón has changed over time

Bad Bunny is an icon of the music scene as he brought urban music to the masses and has been hailed as the genre’s greatest exponent. His work has been recognized by industry professionals and even by an academy that recognizes the best in the world. The fanaticism that Benito has achieved has led him … Read more