4 free places for our members

08/28/2023 SACH announces that, as one of the sponsors of the XXXIV Chilean Congress of Rheumatology SOCHIRE (Chilean Society of Rheumatology), we have 4 free seats for our members, for online sessions only (not for face-to-face sessions). The released quotas will be drawn by lottery among our members until their quotas are paid. To participate … Read more

Paloma Cuevas winks at Luis Miguel to get him in the mood

The designer accompanies the singer during this difficult moment when he suffers from bronchitis on tour and fans complain. The state of health of L.Youis Michael In recent days, this has given a lot of talk. The suffering singer bronchitiswas sharply criticized by those who, in the most difficult times of illness, came to visit … Read more

Community created to unite women with premature menopause

In order to connect and support women, and raise awareness, raise awareness and education to combat stigma, the first Premature Menopause (PM) community was created in Chile and Latin America to work on various actions to improve the quality of life of those who lives with a diagnosis. According to the latest publication of the … Read more

Alternatives for Better Life Beyond the Skin

Psoriasis is autoimmune disease and systematic, which affects about 125 million people in the world. A pathology that is little understood by society, giving rise to a number of myths around itself, which ultimately leaves an imprint on the mental health of those who suffer from it. Did you know that psoriasis is a disease … Read more

the specialist asks if there is a scientific basis for “for the first time”

“Virginity is a social construct because it doesn’t exist biologically and medically,” says gynecologist and sexologist Loreto Vargas Pampaloni. According to the specialist, this concept is one of the gender mandates, “central to the patriarchal system of control and dominance over female sexuality,” and is based on myths, such as that the hymen should tear … Read more

Everything you need to know about this common disease in Chile

Did you know that psoriasis is a disease that affects approximately 2% of the Chilean population? This is evidenced by the data of the Global Atlas of Psoriasis, an estimate of which is equivalent to approximately 400,000 people. Skin diseases that go beyond: all about psoriasis While many have heard of this chronic skin condition, … Read more