Sleep disorders in children are most often observed by neurologists.

Rodolfo Montenegro As a result of medical problems or psychological and environmental factors, more and more children do not get enough rest and suffer from sleep disorders that cause problems in their daily activities. Sleep disorders in childhood affect the quality of life of boys and girls. According to a study published in the Journal … Read more

Alarm: Increasing cases of sexually transmitted infections in adolescents and adults

September 4th to 8th Argentine Society of Dermatology (SAD) will hold 2nd place Awareness campaign on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are considered a global health problem. The event will be held as part of World Sexual Health Day, which is celebrated on September 4th. Santiago del Estero, through the Association of Dermatologists of Santiagueña, SAD … Read more

Tips for Avoiding Future Vision Health Complications

Dr. Ricardo Passone – Ophthalmological Society of Santiago del Estero As the world population continues to grow, eye diseases are becoming more common. According to a report by The Lancet, a prestigious eye health magazine, by 2050 an estimated 895 million people worldwide will develop eye disease. This is a 150% increase over the next … Read more

Helpful Tips for Good Eye Health for Young People

Young people in general, and college students in particular, often have many daily responsibilities, but lack of time is no excuse for neglecting minimal eye health care. Many potential vision problems can affect anyone, and college students and other young people should be especially careful about some things related to their vision. From the Society … Read more

August has come: “rare” days have caused consultations on a variety of pathologies

There is another good part of it “weird” winterwhere the heat mixes with the cold days and it is not uncommon to alternate coats and heating with air conditioning. However, August came, with more wind, more land, and a greater propensity for the most severe suffering. various pathological picturestypical for that time. Children and the … Read more

“Change of winter” and lack of rain provoke cases of conjunctivitis.

Climate,strange winter“And the winds that arrived earlier gave rise to various unrest in society. One of them has to do with eye health. As experts confirm, in Santiago del Estero, the number of cases of conjunctivitis in both children and adults has increased dramatically. have any underlying allergic condition. in dialogue with EL LIBERAL, Dr. … Read more

Specialist Reports Adult Attention Deficit Counseling Has Increased

Recently, there has been an increase in psychological consultations with older people who want to know if they suffer from attention deficit disorder due to certain symptoms that they show that are associated with stress or hyperactivity, typical of this time, which can lead to confusing pictures. The situation was discussed by a psychologist, L.Emily … Read more