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Vasco boss rules out signing Papu Gómez

The Football Director BasquePaulo Bracks, ended Vasco euphoria about interest in signing Argentine attacking midfielder Papu Gómez, from Seville, Spain. In an interview with “ESPN”, the manager stated that there is no negotiation with the player, but confirmed that he reached out to probe the athlete. + Check Vasco’s movements …

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Selena Gomez confirms she’s working on new music

Selena Gomez is a singer and actress, protagonist of the documentary My Mind & Me, a personal story about mental health, which had its seven years of production. She was on The Tonight Show, Monday night (December 5), starring Jimmy Fallon, to chat about her busy schedule. And she confirmed …

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Discover the singer’s morning beauty secrets

Selena Gomez is a fashion, musical and beauty icon. The American singer and actress is a reference for those who like a lighter and softer look. Even the proposal of her makeup brand, Rare Beauty, is to be more about the beauty we already have and its enhancement. In her …

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