The Department of Health of Dénia recommends the use of a mask for patients with respiratory infections.

He Dénia Health Departmentrespecting the rules established by the Ministry of Health, maintains the mandatory use of a mask by medical workers when caring for patients in oncology and intensive care units, and also recommends its use in emergency departments. Also remember that in medical settings this is mandatory between patients with symptoms of a … Read more

Experts: Alzheimer’s disease can be delayed if risk factors are eliminated in time :: La Prensa de Lara

Lady Reyes | PRESS LARA.- Jose Briceno, 69 years old, gets up early every day, eats breakfast, chooses the best clothes, takes a yellow folder and goes to look for a job. He is not at home for about five hours; According to him, he submits his resume to several places, but his relatives know … Read more

Elvis Crespo returns to Venezuela after ten years :: La Prensa de Lara

Agencies | PRESS LARA.- The two Puerto Rican artists will meet for the first time on the Venezuelan stage. Near Elvis Crespo and Jerry RiveraWHO They will take the stage on November 17th. in the parking lot of Tamanako City Commercial Center in Chuao. At this joint concert, the artist “Píntame” will reunite with his … Read more

Comorbidity: when autism doesn’t come alone :: La Prensa de Lara

PRESS LARA.- people with Autism are at greater risk than those who do not have health problems associated with accompanying illnessesthat’s what the doctor says Maria Laura Brazfrom the fund Only you are missing. Comorbidity or as it is also called “concomitant morbidity“, is a term used to describe two or more disorders or disease … Read more

Your lifestyle… determines your health! :: Lara Press

Heli P. Brandt PRESS LARA.- Ever since I started writing through this medium, addressing various diseases such as alcohol poisoning, headache, dementia And sarcopeniawhere the genesis of all these processes, among other things, is largely related to the lifestyle that each of us develops during our lives, so much so that this clearly affects the … Read more

Depression, isolation and aggression among the consequences of the overuse of technology :: La Prensa de Lara

Lady Reyes | PRESS LARA.- Depression, isolation, aggression and unbridled sexuality were some of the most common behaviors of young people and teenagers seeking support at headquarters Youth missionary project (proyumi) in state Lara. January to June at least 120 families applied for help for their children, Of these, only 25% receive follow-up and treatment. … Read more

Marcelo Gullo Omodeo: “Today Spain is in mortal danger”

-Advertising- Marcelo Gullo Omodeo Argentine University professor Marcelo Gullo Omodeo, a specialist in international relations, published in Spain with a foreword by Alfonso Guerra Madre Patria. Dismantling the black legend from Bartolome de las Casas to Catalan separatism” (Espaz) and told Efe that “Spain today is in danger of death”. He attributes the “separatist impulses” … Read more

Finley: A Legacy for Humanity

108 years ago, on August 19, 1815, an outstanding Cuban physician and researcher, Juan Carlos Finley y Barres, better known as Carlos J. Finlay, died in Havana, because in this way he became a great benefactor of mankind. The undisputed and proven discoverer of the causative agent of yellow fever (the female mosquito Aedes agypti) … Read more

The fastest man in the world

Kinds of sports Wednesday, August 16, 2023 Photo: Twitter share On August 16, 2009, the Jamaican ran the 100m in 9.58 seconds. This news was read by 1975 people Like this portal Thank you! Usain Bolt is still the fastest man on Earth. 14 years ago, he set an impressive mark that has yet to … Read more

Respiratory diseases may increase due to climate change

Governor of Boyaca Monday, August 14, 2023 Photo: Boyaca Government share It is necessary to intensify and strengthen measures for the complex treatment and control of acute respiratory infection. This news was read by 1956 people Like this portal Thank you! The Boyac Health Secretariat is calling on all health stakeholders to step up acute … Read more