He was the arranger for Ricky Martin, Sanz and Pausini. What is the trick of working with so many geniuses? JP Vega talks about it | Sergeant Pepper | Say goodbye to everyone | LANTERNS

“We’ll take the risk of changing the dynamics of temporary shows a bit, we want to give the shows more humanity through songs with undefined times, maybe play with the setlist a bit and come up with some big surprises.– the artist comments in an interview with El Comercio. His first album Nada Personal, co-produced … Read more

Bizarrap has been selected as one of Hollywood’s most influential artists.

The American magazine Variety noted the successful Argentine music producer for the impact he has on young people. As his European tour continues, Bizarrap continues to reap the rewards of international recognition. This time, Variety magazine, the most famous publication in the entertainment industry in the US, chose him as one of the young The … Read more