You will go crazy for others to see Anitta posing in lingerie for an imposing international brand.

After the end of the affair with the Italian model Simonna Susina, Anitta decided to fully focus on her busy work schedule, on the one hand, music and the fact that she released her latest single.was earlier’ with a strong signal from behind regarding her loneliness, and also because she modeled for Rihanna’s label Fenty, … Read more

Salomon: Rihanna’s Chosen Sneakers Become the New ‘Ugly Shoes’

While some of the luxury brands that have jumped on the trend have already made a splash with urban sneakers, they are still the go-to streetwear favorite. AND Salomon’s ultra-sporty sneakers are joined by traditional sneakers, already converted into new “ugly shoes”. I discovered the best combinations of these shoes, including those chosen by Rihanna … Read more

Makeup: Celebrities who have their own make-up brand

Celebrities like Rihanna or Selena Gomez have established themselves in the makeup industry with their own beauty brands. In the entertainment industry, celebrities are known not only for their musical, acting or modeling talent, but also for their ability to break into the business world. One of the most popular ways celebrities showcase their creativity … Read more

Puma gives Rihanna a second chance

Sportswear brand Puma has surprised the fashion world by announcing a renewed collaboration with singer Rihanna, five years after it ended. According to the portal, the rise in popularity of the Barbadian artist after her musical career was put on hold explains this resurgence. Market2. Puma decided to capitalize on Rihanna’s appeal by re-introducing her … Read more

The first mansion Rihanna lived in after arriving in Beverly Hills is up for sale

An old Beverly Hills mansion that belonged to Rihanna has been sold for a price well below its owners’ expectations old house of Beverly Hills where he lived Rihanna from 2009 to 2011 it was just changing owners when it came to light that it was sold by $15,000,000. Access our website The property where … Read more

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have second child? This is what we know – El Financiero

Singer Rihanna would give birth to her second child with his partner A$AP Rocky, according to a US media report. date birth The first daughter of the Umbrella interpreter would have been August 9th. According to information from media take out, it’s a girl. “She is the spitting image of a mother, right down to … Read more

Rihanna became a mother for the second time; it’s a girl | Mexico News Release

According to some North American media reports, singer Rihanna, along with her partner, rapper ASAP Rocky, they became parents for the second time after their first child, RZA Athelston Mayer, was born in May 2022. after the famous Drafting The Barbadian singer has given birth to her second child, Media Take Out reports. born August … Read more

Rihanna has given birth to her second child

Friday, August 11, 2023 R.ihanna and your partner A$AP Rocky They welcomed their second child, just a year and three months after the singer gave birth to their first: a boy whose name we recently learned. According to reports from media take out, the 35-year-old singer had a girlfriend. Announcing your pregnancy in style during … Read more

Rihanna became a mother for the second time

Everything indicates that Rihanna became a mother for the second time. Surely you remember that her second pregnancy was announced during her Super Bowl halftime appearance earlier this year. Her fans were shocked when the singer showed her cute pregnant belly. Six months after that magical moment, it was revealed that Rihanna became a mother … Read more