Five years awaiting trial for five killed and twelve injured in Als disaster

Today marks five years since a fatal crash that killed five people and injured fourteen after an Alsa bus crashed into a pilaster on the lintel between the AI-81 motorway and the Principado de Asturias business park. A five-year period, for which no trial has yet taken place, with all the ensuing consequences, especially for … Read more

What will be the first clinical trials in the country to see their impact on children with autism?

Investigation Medical cannabis for autism is slowly advancing in the world, although with promising results for the treatment of primary and secondary symptoms. There are people in Argentina who already use it, supported by a network of associations and relatives who share experience, recipes and logistics. Now, for the first time, Argentine science will seek … Read more

There’s life for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard a year after their scandalous trial

Johnny Depp And Amber Heard they have new perspectives on life after their brutal libel lawsuit comes to an end. A year ago, the couple sent the world on an emotional rollercoaster during a legal battle that included shocking revelations and unexpected turns of events that left the media and fans in awe. A public … Read more