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Sujay Gupta
Founding Editor


We are going through an interesting time in Goa and in our country where our pattern of consuming news has completely changed. Newspapers are bought if at all, out of sheer habit. The news of the day is read as it happens and by the time the morning papers arrive, Goa has already moved on.
Meanwhile the platform for information consumption has become the social media, with some attempts at digital news media competing for the digital news space. But the lines between Facebook and news media, between news and trolling, between the important and the made up, is getting blurred. The challenge to make these lines clear appears simple but needs work
Goa’s news media needs a partnership between people and journalists to meet their basic expectations from a news organization like a) Clarity b) Fact c) Speed of information d) Mature interpretation c) Solution based journalism by taking up people’s causes and f) Contributing to the betterment of Goa.
It is also clear that this partnership has to be delivered on a medium where all information of this day and age is consumed- the digital media. And this is what we are proposing to do.

Through these spasms of change has emerged The Goa Spotlight.

The Goa Spotlight is a new and digital news platform which combines the values of traditional media, the principles of news reportage, the emphasis on editorials and opinions which seek to inform and educate and be the true voice of the people and a responsible watchdog of society.
It will not just give news but tell you what’s behind it. It will bring perspective to all issues which are important to Goa. Above all, it will empower people to make the right choices about the future of Goa.
Covering politics, social issues, human interest stories and hard investigations, it will put those who truly care for Goa as its first priority
It will put journalism first and to do that, it needs support from all sections of Goan society.
As we are about to launch, we invite every Goan and those who love Goa to be a stakeholder in this digital venture in letter and spirit. We will keep you posted about our launch date and other allied activities around this defining change in Goa’s media space.

We will research report and relate to the Goa you do. We will also comment and debate. Our editorials and short takes will be sharp and set agendas flowing and informed tongues wagging for a cause.


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